Lifestyle, a Precious Resource

One of the founding concepts of T.F.R.corp is to supply the highest level quality of life possible for all its members. This is reflected in health and education, the environment and our building, it’s also reflected in member’s lifestyle. Comfort art and beauty will be common place in T.F.R. corp communities. With the use of abundance technology areas will be set out with the best of available equipment and settings. When T.F.R. corp builds and provides a table it is in the best interests of the corp to use only the most sustainable, well built and beautiful table that its technology and resources allows as it lasts longer and needs replacing less and will also increase the quality of members lives to have it the most beautiful and comfortable possible. This concept flows through everything that T.F.R corp builds and uses.
Another very important aspect of lifestyle is travel. Being able to travel and experience things and places is vital in order to be able achieve an abundant lifestyle and as such will be considered a precious resource within the corp. Experiencing new things is how people learn and grow and reach their full potential. To this end one of the main avenues of business that T.F.R.corp will go into early on will be travel and tourism oriented.
Cafes, Restaurants and even resorts will be considered important infrastructure as well as the ability to get from place to place. These businesses will be managed with the same concept as all the businesses in T.F.R. corp where all the ‘profit’ is available for use by society members and closing the loop in production is core.
Ie. In owning a resort some of the main outgoings will be food and electricity. By owning the food production and the power station it significantly cuts the costs of that resort allowing for more member use.
Eventually most of the areas you go in T.F.R. corp will be at least as comfortable and beautiful as our modern day resorts with the exception being places that are deliberately set up for people who wish a different experience in life but in the beginning T.F.R. corp will own many places for the early members to experience the best of what life has to offer.
Beautiful gardens, stunning buildings, places to eat and places to play and a release from the stress and pressure created from a profit mentality are all part of what comes from removing the restrictions of the finance system and treating lifestyle as a precious resource.