The consumption of the world. The power of the people.

In our world today massive corporations owned by a very few shareholders make huge amounts of profit through our everyday consumption. The things we eat through to the clothes we wear all help contribute to these few individuals living not only in opulence but positions of incredible power. Through our consumption some individuals have even attained and maintain wealth and power enough to manipulate whole governments.
As T.F.R corp grows, going through the transition between a finance system and a resource based economy, it will take control of more and larger business allowing the corporation to eventually supply our existing society’s needs through a series of large entities, such as grocery markets and apartment stores. The profit from these stores and markets will no longer be streamed towards a small group of individuals but rather towards growing building and sustaining a system designed towards true community and ecological values, in benefit of us all. As T.F.R. corp grows it will take control of the financial power of the people streaming it away from the few and back towards the many.
One of the largest advantages that T.F.R. corp will have with the different branches of business that it goes into as it starts to take control of the resource/profit creating businesses is the already captured consumer market available through its sponsors. As it grows sponsors will be made aware of each business that T.F.R. corp takes on and will know that if they purchase goods or services from that business any profit that the business makes will go back to making the society grow quicker and their individual invite into the new society come sooner. A sponsor will know that using a T.F.R. corp facility or buying goods from a T.F.R.corp store is in effect the same as their sponsorship.
When T.F.R.corp holds an event or activity such as a festival or workshop with the intent to make money it automatically has a marketing list, the sponsors, knowing these people are interested in spending money knowing the cause it goes to.
Utilizing the T.F.R corp abundance principles and the power of the people the corp will grow to become a corporation like no other, with as much financial power as any corporation the world has ever seen and all that power will be directed towards building the infrastructure needed for a resource based economy society and moving our whole race towards a new age.