Income Projection And Growth Plan For T.F.R.corp

Stage 2 Objective
The objective of stage 2 is to secure the loan required to firstly purchase the initial T.F.R.corp land, then to build the required starting infrastructure to move to stage 3
It will be achieved from the first sponsorship drive of 2500 members

Loan A Approx $4 million will be acquired after the first sponsor drive and will be used to build The following

Income producing assets

Primitive campground
Festival Grounds
Permaculture gardens
Tourism Accommodation
Recording Studio
Art Studio

the overall Income from these assets are hard to get an actual figure until operational so will be referred to as income Y
This amount although indeterminable will be a significant amount, Each aspect will be run as its own business with all profit going to the main account.
This profit would feasibly be enough to cover the cost of the Loan A repayment on its own but cannot be relied upon so will only be used to increase the base asset

As well as Attractions
Alternate Technology Center

And Permanent Residences
Micro Dwellings Up To 20

These initial micro dwellings will make it possible to sell the first member positions. A member takes 5 years to become a full member
The total value of the memberships is yet to be exactly determined but will include an amount paid in rent as well as work hours
As this amount is difficult to determine it will be referred to as income X but can be given a basic round figure of at least $8000pm 20x micro dwellings @ minimal $100pw = $8000 this is very much a minimal.

Stage 2 Income

X + Y 8000 + Y
Sponsors 2500 @$10pm 25000

TOTAL 33000 + Y

Minus Stage 2 Expenses

Loan A 4mill repayment approx 16000

Stage 2 Total income/profit
After development (AD) 17000 + Y (- Member Costs)*