Cultural Explosion the Golden Age Begins

In our society today our lives are all so busy and so fast. This deadline or that appointment make us always on the move. Life keeps getting faster and faster. People are spending more and more time at work and the very little time they have for left for themselves is often spent in alcoholic stupor trying to make the most of our brief moments of freedom and take our minds away for just a moment from the constant deadlines. People have no time left to think about the deeper things in life, our philosophy, our music and spiritual advances have no time in this high paced profit mentality world.
In T.F.R. corp the pace of life will slow down dramatically. After a member has completed their required production the pressure of having to get up and go to work will be gone for ever. People will have all the time in the world free to do and think as they want. Now with all that free time and all the resources needed available some people will travel, some will create, some will volunteer and yet others will think.
Thinking and communicating about the deeper sides of life is something our current society has lost, delegating deep conversation and growth in our thought to an ominous cupboard. Deep thinkers, unconventional historians and scientist and spiritual explorers are looked at in the strangest way unless they conform to current mainstream thought. Any person that looks at anything that the mainstream explains as truth as anything but, are discredited and ridiculed.
This has been greatly harmful to the cultural growth of our society.
In T.F.R. corp the way we as a society live our day to day lives changes greatly. When we stop working to make money move around and only work for production and passion and can live life finally in true freedom away from the rat wheel it will greatly change us all deeply into our very core. When we all finally have the chance to stop. To be able to stand still and feel secure and have all those stress inflicting sub conscious pressures that are created from the profit mentality finally and permanently removed from our psyche it will be a feeling unlike any we have ever known. We will finally have the time to think about life, who we are and our place in the universe.
In T.F.R. corp philosophy and great thought will be encouraged to become a part of everyday life. As people find themselves free to do as they will, after completing their production needs, the opportunity will be given for people to return to study. Great schools will form for people who love to learn and love to teach. No longer designed to support a profit mentality, and filled with students who are only there because they want to be, these schools will study every aspect of life. Science and philosophy, history and the spirit all will be deeply explored by passionate people hungry for knowledge.
Many schools of science in our current world are held back from moving forward as fast as possible not because of a lack of resources but by a lack of money or profitability. Many great advances are held back from mainstream society because they stop someone from making money. With the release of resources from the profit mentality, and the need to make money along with the great schools that will naturally form in T.F.R corp society, science will leap forward in ways we can only imagine.
As well as philosophy and science the study of art and music will become much more a part of our everyday existence. In our current system only a highly successful artist or musician can sustain a high level of financial stability through their work. We commonly turn away from such pursuits, things we love doing, because there is no or little profit potential in it. Many would be great artists or musicians spend their life doing mundane money making jobs instead of following their hearts and their art. When we are released from the need to make money we will be left able to finally follow our passion, and if it is art then that is what should be done. T.F.R. corp society will be a place filled with wondrous art and music and will be beautiful beyond words.
Throughout our history the study of astrology was a major part of many original cultures. From many cultural perspectives the study of how the stars effected the human condition was considered among the most important pursuits of knowledge. In our current world society our understanding of this very well documented science has been lost into the past and turned into superstition and little or no study has been done to increase our understanding. These types of study have little or no profit potential and so no place in our current system but in T.F.R corp will be something that will naturally reemerge.
The study of history has been placed in an interesting position in our current society. For reasons of control we have been held away from looking at what has come before. Our history is among the most important of knowledge's and in a culturally advanced society should be looked at with importance and esteem and not disregarded as it almost is in our world today. In T.F.R. corp with the control intention finally dis-empowered in our society and the need to make profit from our studies gone, history will be given the place in study it deserves.
In our past we have as a society had times of great cultural expansion, times when our culture was propagated by the society around it in a way as to bring great leaps forward in many schools of thought. These periods of time where called golden eras and it has been a long, long time since we had a true one. When we have set ourselves free of the profit mentality the world will surely enter the next golden age.