Building architectural masterpieces

In our past we have gone through periods of time where our everyday architecture and building practices were in many ways far better than what we use today. At the time the push for profit was less intense than in today’s capitalist system and even though our technology has advanced through the last century in huge leaps we rarely use our technology at its highest level due to financial considerations. In a financial system due to the push for the need of profit the average building is built as cheaply as possible. By the time the that building has been in place for 50 years it will already be ready for destruction and rebuilding as it will be falling apart due to its budgeted construction technique and the materials used.
As is common practice in a financial system although we have many renewable alternate techniques and resources available. We rarely use them due to the need to create scarcity in order to create profit.
Our technology has advanced so far that we can now print out almost any structure using hempcrete and 3d printing. This technology could be advancing the way we build in ways almost unfathomable, but the money required for its development won’t be put forward as with that ability comes the removal of scarcity in our building and housing needs and the removal of some ones profit. Imagine all the builders that it would put out of work if the technology to print houses in almost any design was fully developed and released.
In T.F.R corp the motivations about how and why we build a structure changes dramatically. T.F.R. corp has to provide all the materials needed in building a building and it also needs to replace any buildings that need replacing. It follows T.F.R. corp principles that it be built with the very best of renewable materials and be built to have harmony within its surrounding in both aesthetics and its environmental impact.
In T.F.R. corp we no longer have fear of our robotic and technological abilities taking away from the NEED to do work and will advance these technologies to the best of our abilities eventually allowing our architects and builders to achieve things at ease beyond the dreams of today’s standards with much less man power.
The world that will eventually arise within the T.F.R. corp society will be filled with architectural marvels that will be beautiful in harmony with nature and their surrounds and will stand for hundreds of years.