The End of Trade.

Trade through money and barter is wrong for so many reasons, but for many it’s not easily apparent why. Over the past few decades there have been a number of studies on these systems and through them have been revealed the fundamental flaws of the financial system. If you haven’t studied the work accomplished by Jaque Fresco and the Venus Project it’s a great place to start in understanding these flaws and how they are effecting the world today but one of the greatest flaws is that a financial or even a barter system promotes scarcity.
Ie. If a farmer produces eggs and trades these eggs either for money or goods, and this is how he supports his family and makes his living he can sustain that living only as long as no one else produces eggs. If everyone around him produced their own eggs than he would no longer be able to trade them making them worthless and him no longer able to sustain his living. Also if he had a bumper crop he can’t just start handing eggs out to everyone because that again would lessen their value.
In the real world this means that container loads of grain get dumped into the sea when children are starving.
Another fundamental flaw is that it creates inequality. Money only works when one person has and another hasn’t and will always need a class system of haves and have nots to exist.
“Until there is no first or second class citizens in any nation, there will be war.” Hallie Sellassi
Another of the most devastating problems that comes from a money system is that it promotes some of humanities worst flaws such as greed and lack of empathy for people and the environment and places us constantly into positions where we are better off personally, that our own level of financial freedom will be increased, by doing things that are against our internal moral compass.
Finally and arguably the most destructive problem to ours society in our use of money is that a financial or trade system inadvertently leads to a system of financial slavery as we work to make money move instead of working to supply what we need.
In a world of potential abundance a financially based system stands in the way of the core fundamental freedoms and rights that come with the human condition. It is indirectly in competition with health, education, security, the environment, lifestyle, freedom, abundance, equality and human rights and so much more.
We need a new system. One that promotes abundance, equality, community values and environmental protection. We need to move away from a system of greed, debt, slavery and destruction. We need to move into a resource based economy or free economy where resources are distributed evenly and sustainably and so allow us to move into a new era. T.F.R. Corp aims to make this a reality.