Technology in abundance.

Over the last century through the industrial revolution we have had many incredible scientific and engineering breakthroughs in the field of abundance that have never seen financial backing or significant advancement due to the effects they would have on scarcity or jobs within their viable industry. From the ability to grow and harvest fruit to complex robotics capable of constructing things with ease all have been placed on the pile of not financially viable.
In T.F.R corp ecologically sustainable abundance creating technologies will be among the most important and worthy of research category’s as it will always be in the best interest of T.F.R corp to produce in this manner.
Today advancements in 3d printing and robotics are breaking boundaries in what we as a society can do. A person can now quite literally, with the right equipment, press a button and have 3d printing and robotics build almost anything and with next to no cost.
Ie. A vehicle can be 3d printed using mainly hemp plastic, completely renewable and very easily acquired at a resource level. It can be powered by a completely renewable power source, manufactured by 3d printing and robotics and can be printed and manufactured at a press of a button.

So why aren’t there 3d printed vehicles everywhere if they cost nothing? Because scarcity is how money is made. If there were vehicles everywhere available to anyone they would have no value.
As a society in our communities, although technology brings us many advantages, we need to find a very careful balance of people’s desires. Some people don’t want high levels of technology in their day to day lives and this must be catered for in the society. Some areas will be completely free of technology in order for people to be able to get back to basics in the way they like to. Yet others will offer state of the art comfort and luxury wherever you go.
As for production once T.F.R.corp has taken control of the ability to do 3d printing and robotics and has control of the production of resources at a base level it will literally be able to print anything without ‘cost’. While money still exists it will all but literally be able to print money in printing goods and selling them.